We have compiled a list of the more common questions we get asked throughout all stages. If we have not managed to answer your questions below, please contact us.

A B Crush Panelcraft FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Insurer may try to direct you to use their own approved repairer, however you have the legal right to use the repairer of your choice. Its your car and your choice were your car is repaired so remember the final choice remains with you, the Policyholder. All Insurers have an obligation governed by the FSA to 'treat customers fairly'.

That is incorrect, We have our own range of courtesy vehicles for our customers use while their own vehicle is with us for repair. We also have other options available for a like for like courtesy car if our customers prefer this.

No. As your chosen repairer, A B Crush's estimate will provide all the detail your insurer's engineers will need to authorise the repair.

If repair costs are being claimed from an Insurance Company then we will ask you to sign a Collection Note upon completion of the repair. Signing this form does not affect your statutory rights. This note allows us to confirm to the Insurance Company that the repairs have been carried out and the completed vehicle has been returned to you. We then invoice them for their share of the repair cost above your excess value.

Should your insurance policy include a compulsory or voluntary Excess you will be required to pay this amount directly to us by the insurance company. Your excess covers the initial value of work done to your car up to the value of your excess, not the last part of any work done. Your insurer pays the rest of the repair costs. The Excess amount may differ from your standard Excess amount if a driver other than the policy holder was driving the car at the time of the incident.

If the accident wasn't your fault, give us a call and we can manage the accident process for you. We can obtain authority to repair your vehicle directly from the third party Insurers, supply you a like for like vehicle for the duration of repairs, ensure you do not need to pay any excess yourself and obtain re-imbursement for any out of pocket expenses for you.

When repairing insurance claims, we are only able to repair the work which has been attributed directly to the accident and authorised by the Insurance Company that is paying for the repairs. If you were unhappy with their decision you would need to appeal to your Insurance company immediately.

Yes. We can save you time and money if we do this as it is very cost effective for us as well. If you would like to have additional work carried out, please let us know or we can give you our professional advice you when you bring your vehicle in.

We will take complete care of your personal belongings and have a secure storage area at A B Crush for these, but we recommend you remove all unnecessary from your vehicle, as we are unable to take any responsibility for any losses incurred.

Please ensure you have supplied us with any radio code, alarm or immobiliser code, key or control unit and wheel lock nut key when you bring your vehicle in, or this may delay the return of your vehicle as it is sometimes necessary to disconnect batteries and remove wheels to enable us to carry out the repair to the manufacturers warranty specification.

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